And the journey to the dance begins

Submitted Mon, 02/18/2013 - 10:20am by Charlie

We have our final regular season high school basketball game on WFBG this week, and we're sure to see some playoff action.  We just don't have the schedule yet.

On Tuesday, the Hollidaysburg Tigers visit Altoona to make up a snowed out game.  Both are headed for the playoffs and the Tigers are likely to have to play a play in game.

A busy Wednesday.  Leading Off with Joe Shuta is on at 6.  At 7, the Penguins host Philadelphia.

Pitt's head basketball coach, Jamie Dixon has his show on Thursday at 6:00.

Sunday, Pitt travels to St. John's.  Pre-game time will be 11:30 AM.  And the Penguins host Tampa Bay at 7:00

Remember, there will be additions as the playoff schedule develops.