And now they play for first place

Submitted Mon, 04/15/2013 - 10:37am by Charlie

What a weekend for the Pirates.  And it couldn't have come against a better opponent.  After a sweep of the Reds, the color will remain the same, but this time, it's the Redbirds...the St. Louis Cardinals.  The next three nights will be Bucs-Cards on WFBG.  6:40 is air time each night.  Leading Off with Joe Shuta leads off on Wednesday at 6.

Friday and Saturday, we'll feature the Penguins.  As they move toward the playoffs, they'll get a nice taste of playoff atmorsphere on Friday in Boston.  They'll return home on Saturday to host Buffalo.  Both games will begin at 6:30.

Thursday and Sunday, we'll bring you the Pirates' games with the hottest team in baseball, the Atlanta Braves.  Thursday, the game begins at 6:40 and on Sunday, the Neal Huntingdon Show begins at 12:35.  The pre-game follows at 1:10.