Baseball has all the attention now.

Submitted Mon, 06/10/2013 - 10:29am by Charlie

That was short and bitter...the Penguins' Bruins' series I mean.  But the speedy departure of the Penguins gets the Pirates to the front burner quicker.  And, what a way to start their week.  Tomorrow night, Gerrit Cole will get his first big league start against the defending World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Air time is 6:40 on WFBG.  There will be games on Wednesday and Thursday with the Giants as well.  6:40 each night.  Leading Off with Joe Shuta will be on Wednesday night at 6.

The LA Dodgers come to PNC Park on Friday and stay through Sunday.  Friday's game is 6:40, Saturday's is 3:40 and Sunday's pre game time is 1:10, following the Neal Huntingdon Show at 12:35. 

How long can the Bucs stay in the race?  Be sure to tune in to find out.