This is a busy week at the Altoona Area High School Field House

Submitted Mon, 02/04/2013 - 10:47am by Charlie

Still trying to get some pix from my Droid onto the web site...

Tonight begins a full house.  An Altoona Hi basketball game every night of the week.  And they're all home games.  Tonight's game pits the Mountain Lions against Mifflin County.  Air time is 7:15.

Tomorrow, the girls teams from these two schools will take the court.  Again, air time is 7:15.  Charlie Weston and Rich DeLeo will broadcast.

On Wednesday, Leading Off with Joe Shuta will be on WFBG at 6:00.  At 7:15, the Lady Lions will host District 6 rival State College.

Thursday, the Mountain Lions have state ranked Williamsport.  Art Taneyhill and Charlie will do the rest of the games this week.

Friday, the Lady Lions host Mercyhurst Prep, and on Saturday, Villa Maria will play at the Field House, air time for the Saturday game is 2:15.  Then Pitt visits Cincinnati, air time is 5:30.