Can this be real?

Submitted Mon, 07/23/2012 - 10:19am by Charlie

What a week the Pirates just had.  They were able to complete a road split, then, in front of the home folks, swept the Marlins.  And they're getting breaks too.  They were owed a few breaks. 

This week, the Cubs come to Pittsburgh.  Monday and Tuesday, the air times are 6:40PM.  On Wednesday, it's a business man's special.  Air time is 12:10.  After the game, at 6:00, Leading Off with Joe Shuta will have plenty to converse about.

Then the Pirates embark on a long road trip.  First stop is Houston.  Air time Thursday and Friday is 7:40, 6:40 on Saturday.  On Sunday, the Neal Huntingdon Show begins at 1:05, pre-game is 1:40.