Dog days, game every day, win some, lose some, every day...

Submitted Mon, 07/22/2013 - 10:56am by Charlie

All the games are big.  Losses hurt, wins bring sighs of relief.  This week, it's all road work for the Pirates as they strive to stay with the Cards and stay ahead of the Reds.  Monday through Thursday, the Bucs will be in Washington, taking on the Nationals.  Air times are 6:40 for the first three games.  Wednesday evening begins with Leading Off with Joe Shuta at 6:00.  On Thursday, they'll play an afternoon game, air time is 12:10.

Then the Bucs will head to Miami for a weekend with the Marlins.  Friday and Saturday air times are 6:45.  Neal Huntingdon Show starts Sunday's broadcast at 12:10, pre-game time is 12:45.