The ever shrinking field of District 6 basketball teams

Submitted Mon, 03/11/2013 - 9:56am by Charlie

Leading Off with Joe Shuta will begin our night 6PM Wednesday.  Jay Randall will fill in as Joe is in Florida.  The key game of the week follows Leading Off.  The Lady Marauders need a solid game to get by Serra Catholic and get to Saturday.  Rich and Cal will broadcast, pre-game is 7:15.

Thursday, we'll have the Pitt opener in the Big East Tournament.  Their opponent hasn't been revealed yet.  They've earned themselves a double bye.  Air time will be 2PM. 

We'll cover the other Pitt games should they continue to win in the tournament.  And, if BG wins on Wednesday, their game on Saturday will be on WFBG.

Sunday, Pirate baseball takes over.  The Neal Huntingdon Show airs at 12:30 and the Bucs take on the Yankees at 1PM.