Getting down to business

Submitted Mon, 12/30/2013 - 11:28am by Charlie

Things will be back to normal soon.  But, first New Year's Eve!  The Penguins will be on on Tuesday at 12:30.  They're in New Jersey, then it's party hearty.

There's no Leading Off with Joe Shuta on Wednesday. 

We get back at it on Thursday.  The Jamie Dixon Show airs at 6PM.  Then, the Altoona Mtn. Lions take on Latrobe, 7:15 air time.

On Friday, we've got the Penguins again, taking on the NY Rangers, 630.

Saturday, Pitt's basketball team has their first ever ACC conference game.  That's an 11:30 AM air time.  On only, the Altoona Boys game with CD East at the Field House.  1:15 air time.

Sunday, another Penguin Hockey game, at home with Winnipeg, 12:30 air time.