Have the Penguins turned the corner???

Submitted Mon, 05/06/2013 - 10:43am by Charlie

The playoffs have been anything but easy for the Penguins.  The bad news is that the Islanders have done well in this series.  The good news is that we'll have at least one more game than we thought we might. 

The week's sports schedule begins with the Penguins visit to Long Island on Tuesday night.  Air time is 6:30.

On Wednesday, the Pirates wrap up a quick two game series with the Seattle Mariners.  Air time is 12:10.  The Bucs have lost four of their last six.  The pitching staff needs rest and they'll get some this week.  Leading Off with Joe Shuta will air at 6.

Game 5 in the Pens-Islanders series is in Pittsburgh on Thursday and we'll begin comverage at 6:30.  Hopefully that will end the series.

The Bucs will be in New York for a series with the Mets this weekend.  They'll be on WFBG beginning at 6:45 on Friday.  Then Saturday afternoon the Bucs and Mets play day baseball.  Air time is 12:45.  And now, we'll be able to bring you the Penguins and Islanders on Saturday night.  It's game 6, air time is 6:30 from New York.  The series ends if the Penguins can win.  Sunday, the Neal Huntingdon Show precedes the game.  He'll be on at 12:10, leading into the pre-game at 12:45.