Hmm...are they starting to get it?

Submitted Tue, 05/27/2014 - 10:47am by Charlie

The Pirates have now put together some wins.  Just the opposition?  Actually starting to find some answers?  Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, the Bucs are in New York to face the Mets.  Tuesday's air time is 6:45, tomorrow's is 12:45.

After the game, you can discuss the action with Joe Shuta.  Leading Off with Joe Shuta begins at 6:00 on WFBG.

While that's all going on, the Pirates will be in the air, headed to Los Angeles.  Thursday and Friday, air times are 9:45.  Saturday, air time is 6:50.  On Sunday, the Neal Huntingdon Show airs at 7:05.  Pre-game time is 7:40 for the Pirates second appearance on Sunday night baseball in the last few weeks.