Moving along, the Penguins and Pirates need scores

Submitted Mon, 06/03/2013 - 9:59am by Charlie

Yesterday's Pirate win may have saved their season.  I know, it's early June, anything can happen.  But, for a team that's collapsed late in the last few seasons, yesterday's come from behind win over one of their closest rivals had to be a major brow wiper.  Tonight's game in Atlanta will be heard on WFBG.  Air time is 6:45.  The Penguin game will be on sister station WVAM.

Tomorrow, the Bucs and Braves go at 6:45 again and they finish their series on Wednesday afternoon, 11:45 air time.  After the game, Leading Off with Joe Shuta hits the air for a full hour, beginning at 6 o'clock.  The Penguins visit Boston, air time 7:30, also on Wednesday.

On Friday, the Bucs will be in Chicago.  They start the weekend with an afternoon game, 1:55 air time.  We'll do another Bucs and pucks on Friday with game 4 of the Penguins-Bruins' series at 7:30.

Saturday, the Pirates' game begins at 3:40 and on Sunday, the Bucs and Cubs start with the Neal Huntingdon Show at 1:20, air time 1:55 for the game.