My, oh my. What has happened with the Pirates?

Submitted Mon, 09/10/2012 - 10:23am by Charlie

And, now, they go to Cincinnati.  Hopefully, they're saving their best effort for the best opponent.  Tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday, air times for the games are 6:45 each night.  Remember that on Wednesday night, Leading Off with Joe Shuta will air, beginning at 6:00.

On Friday, the Bucs are in Chicago and we'll be able to bring you that game, pre-game at 1:55.  Our Altoona Hi football coverage begins at 6:35 with This Week in College Football.  At 7:05, we'll have our pre-game for Altoona's visit to Penn Trafford.  After the game, the MSA S
ports post game will be heard, until 11PM.

Saturday, the Pitt Panthers' next effort to right the ship is on.  Air time is 10:00 AM for the toughest game yet.  They host Virginia Tech.

On Sunday, Neal Huntingdon's show starts at 1:20, leading into the Bucs' game with the Cubs.  We can only hope the Pirates still have a chance by then.