Oh, no, it's slipping a bit

Submitted Mon, 08/19/2013 - 11:09am by Charlie

That was not a good week.  One felt the Pirates should have won all their games in St. Louis and only one win at home with the D'Backs wasn't quite good enough.  And now, it's on to the west coast...

Monday, the Bucs open a series with the San Diego Padres.  Air times Monday and Tuesday are 9:45, Wednesday, it's 6:15. There will be no Leading Off with Joe Shuta this week.  The Padres haven't been too successful, but the Bucs can treat no one like they're easy to beat.

On Thursday, the Pirates move up the coast to San Francisco.  Air times on Thursday and Friday are 9:50.  Saturday, they hit the air at 8:40.  Neal Huntingdon starts off Sunday's broadcast at 3:05, then the series finale at 3:40.