One more win will do it...

Submitted Sun, 03/16/2014 - 2:12pm by Charlie

And on to the Western Finals...Bishop Guilfoyle will take on Vincentian on Tuesday at Hempfield High School in Greensburg.  The game will air at 5:50...6:00 tip.  Charlie Weston and Art Taneyhill wil broadcast on WFBG, and MSA Sports.  Win this one and it's on to Hershey.  

We'll get a bit more Pirate pre-season baseball this week.  After Leading Off with Joe Shuta at 6:00 on Wednesday, The Pirates-Red Sox game will air at 7:00.

Thursday night, the Penguins will be in Detroit, air time is 7:00. 

The Pirates play the Yankees on Friday at 7:00.

The Penguins are back on Saturday at 12:30 at home with Tampa Bay.

Then on Sunday, another Pirate game, with the Orioles following the Neal Huntingdon Show at 12:30.