The Penguins are up again.

Submitted Mon, 05/13/2013 - 10:18am by Charlie

The hockey schedule is's the plan...

Monday begins a big four game series with Milwaukee for the Buccos.  Each of the four start at 6:40.  Wednesday evening Leading Off with Joe Shuta leads off our evening.  Most Pirate fans are thinking it's time to end this silly Milwaukee dominance thing.  The Brewers have been getting bashed by the rest of the division.   The first game in the Penguins' series with Ottawa is Tuesday night, 7:00.  We'll pre-empt the baseball game for the Pens' game.

The Bucs have an interleague series coming up this weekend.  It won't seem like it.  The American League's new team, the Houston Astros come to Pittsburgh.  Here's one instance the Bucs hope last year will be replicated.  The Neal Huntingdon Show kicks off Sunday's baseball with a 12:35 start. Friday's game will not be aired on WFBG as the Penguins have Ottawa and game 2 on Friday.  Air time is 7:00.  Saturday's air time is 6:40.

Game 3 of the Penguin series is in Ottawa and will air on WFBG, air time is 7:00.