The Pirates are headed to their own "Barn of Horrors"

Submitted Mon, 04/29/2013 - 10:07am by Charlie

Well, there they are.  The Pirates are in first place in the National League's central division.  They've played well against everyone since a rocky start.  But, they still haven't shown they can play well in Milwaukee.  This week, we'll see if this team is indeed different.  They've got three in beertown.  Tonight's game air time is 7:45 as is tomorrow's. 

Wednesday will be a busy day on WFBG.  The series finale will begin at 12:45.  Leading Off with Joe Shuta will be on at 6:00 and the Stanley Cup playoffs begin for the Penguins too.  Air time of the first in their series with the New York Islanders is 7:00.

Game two of that series is Friday, air time 6:30.  Air time is noon on Sunday.

The Bucs have Washington over the weekend.  We will only be able to carry Saturday's game, air time is 6:40.