Play Ball!

Submitted Mon, 03/31/2014 - 11:26am by Charlie

What can they do for an encore?  The Pittsburgh Priates begin another season this week on WFBG.

Monday is the opener at PNC Park.  Air time is 12:40 on WFBG.

On Wednesday, Leading Off with Joe Shuta airs at 6:00.  Then, the Pirates' first night game, with the Cubs at 6:40.

Thursday, we'll have double duty on WFBG.  The Pirates and Cubs play early, air time 12:10.  Then the Penguins will be in WInnigeg, air time 7:30.

Friday, the St. Louis comes to PNC Park.  Air times are 6:40 on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday, the Neal Huntingdon Show airs at 12:35, with the Pirates-Cards air time, 1:10.

The Penguins visit Colorado Sunday night, air time is 7:30.