Recovery week for the Mountain Lions and Lady Lions

Submitted Mon, 01/21/2013 - 10:16am by Charlie

Both Altoona teams ran into some tough competition last week and they'll be hoping to right their ships as the week progresses.  Monday and Tuesday are open, then on Wednesday, Rich DeLeo and Charlie Weston will bring you the Mountain Lions' home game with Kiski Prep.  Always an interesting game, since Prep can't use their 5th year seniors.  That game will follow Leading Off with Joe Shuta.  LOJS starts at 6, the hoops pre-game is scheduled for 7:15.

Thursday, we'll visit Central Mountain.  The Lady Lions will be looking to complete a sweep of the Wildcats.  Air time is 7:15.

Then, Friday, the Mountain Lions will hope to complete a sweep of Hollidaysburg at the Field House.  Air time again is 7:15.