Some days, you get the bear...

Submitted Mon, 04/21/2014 - 10:31am by Charlie

The Pirates are still trying to figure it out.  The Penguins are still trying to figure it out.  At least they have that in common.

Monday night, the Penguins will be on WFBG.  It's game three and they'll be in Columbus trying to get a lead back in the series.  It's 1-1.  Air time is 6:30 tonight.

Tuesday, it's the Bucs and Reds from Pittsburgh.  Games have been slipping away lately.  Something that rarely happened in their playoff year.  Air time is 6:40.

Wednesday it's game 4 of the Penguins, Blue Jackets series.  Air time is again, 6:30.

On Thursday, The Bucs and Reds finish their four game series with an afternoon affair in Pittsburgh.  Air time is 12:10

Friday, the Bucs begin a series in St. Louis.  Friday air time is 7:50.  On Saturday, the Penguins will be playing.  Game time hasn't been released as this is being posted.  If there are no changes, the Pirates play at 3:40.  Sunday, the Neil Huntingdon Show starts at 1:10, followed by the Bucs and Cards at 1:50,