El Campesino

Project/Problem Description

El Campesino approached Forever Interactive looking for a way to attract customers to their business during lunch hours. They wanted to promote a new $6 lunch special menu featuring items having a 15 minute order-to-table guarantee, or its 50% off.


We created 4 seperate week-long interactive contests as part of the promotion for El Campesino. The contests asks listeners a simple question and asked them to leave a comment with their answer. One lucky commenter each week would receive free lunch from El Campesino. These contests featured themes created to engage with the Hot listening audience while promoting El Campesino, and allowed listeners to voice their opinion with their site account or using Facebook with Facebook Connect.

The contests included:

Week 1: Which is better, soft or hard taco?
Week 2: What could you do in 15 minutes or less?
Week 3: I'm so hungry I could eat a ________?
Week 4: What's the WORST part of your work day?  

With this, they received promotion on the hot92and100.com with an image promoting the current contest in our main image rotator and on-air radio mentions encouraging listeners to participate in the contests.


The promotions were a success, bringing El Campesino a 400% increase in their lunchtime traffic and 1000s of hits to hot92and100.com for the contests. The individual weekly contests received hundreds of page shares and featured great comments about the restaurant. They also saw an increase in office workers visiting - the 15 minute guarantee really resonated with office workers. The campaign created a regular client which continues to use Forever's interactive campaigns to promote their business.