A two man show in State College

Submitted Thu, 01/31/2013 - 11:34am by Charlie

To be more accurate, last night's game in State College actually was most of a 3 man show, but only one of them was a Mountain Lion.  Kyle Kanaski scored 35 points for State College.  He made 9 3-pointers and frankly, I don't remember him missing.  Teammate Bryan Kanaski poured in 25.  But, Altoona's DeShae Lee had 22 points.  State won, 73-57.  There was only a four field goal differential, but when you're trading 2's for 3's, you fall back.  Altoona got the game to within 7 in the second half, but could get no closer.

By the way, I have a new phone now.  I am not sure why, but the photos I took at State College won't go through to my email account, so we're stuck with the Lion logo again.  Further attempts are coming.

Tonight, Paul Engleman and I will be in Hollidaysburg for the rematch between the Lady Lions and Lady Tigers.  This will be a tough assignment for Altoona.  Hollidaysburg has only lost once.  At the field house in December, the Lady Tigers held on to what was a big lead for a one point victory.  The Mountain Lions will play at Central Mountain, so we will provide score updates through the broadcast.

---Charlie Weston