Boycott So Much More About Than Chicken Sandwich


Following is a coyrighted Opinon Piece by Fox News CHannel's Todd Starnes on the call to boycott Chick Fil-A. I felt it was well worth posting here.   Steve


There’s something about the public flogging of Chick-fil-A by government  officials that seems un-American – lawmakers hell-bent on destroying a privately  owned American company simply because of the owner’s personal opinions.

Democrats in more than a half dozen major cities have led the charge – slandering Chick-fil-A’s owner and calling for all-out bans on the company’s  expansion efforts in places like Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and San  Francisco.

And Chick-fil-A’s only crime is being a family-owned company that ascribes to  the teachings of the Holy Bible – a belief that marriage is a union between one  man and one woman.

Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy has been called a bigot, a homophobe. The  mayor of Washington, D.C., accused the company of peddling “hate chicken.”

Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney introduced a resolution condemning  the company -- and its president.

“This particular individual is rabidly homophobic and wants to deny Americans  civil rights that are enjoyed by every other American,” Kenney said.

'The vicious left-wing assault against Chick-fil-A should serve as a  wakeup call to people of faith.'


There are efforts under way to shut down Chick-fil-A restaurants across the  country. Student groups are launching similar campaigns on university  campuses.

Lost in their outrage over a belief held by a majority of the American  public, is the fact that Chick-fil-A employs thousands and thousands of  people.

And with unemployment hovering around 8.2 percent, you have to wonder what  sort of message Democrats are trying to send to the nation.

Perhaps the party of President Obama believes it’s morally better to be  unemployed than to be anti-gay marriage?

American Christians are facing uncertain times. Our nation’s values are under  assault. Religious liberty has been undermined. We live in a day when right is  now wrong and wrong is now right.

The vicious left-wing assault against Chick-fil-A should serve as a wakeup  call to people of faith. It’s not about a chicken sandwich. It’s about the  future of our country.

“Individuals have the right to decide whether or not to ‘eat mor chikin.’ But  no government leader should restrict a business or organization from expanding  to their district based on the personal or political views of the owners,” said  Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals. “Such  evident discrimination and attempts to marginalize those with religious values  have no place in American democracy.”

Those who preach tolerance – are the least tolerant of all. And I suspect  Councilman Kenney spoke for many when he issued a not-so-subtle threat to  individuals like Dan Cathy who support traditional marriage.

“If he really, truly believes what he believes, that is his right to do so,” he said. “But there is often a price to pay for that.

In other words, Councilman Kenney wants people with dissenting views to shut  up – or else face the consequences.

Pastors across the fruited plain addressed the attacks on Chick-fil-A from  their pulpits on Sunday – but none was more eloquent or passionate than Charles  Lyons – the pastor of Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago.

Lyons issued an appeal to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, urging him to reconsider the  verbal assault he made on people of faith.

“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values,” Emanuel said. His remarks  left many wondering if Christians were welcome in the Windy City.

“Mr. Mayor, do not dismiss us,” he implored. “Do not disrespect us. We too,  are Logan Square. We too, are Chicago.”

The pastor admonished Emanuel without so much as a shout or a hint of anger.  His remarks were peppered with applause and the occasional Amen. Midway through  his appeal, Lyons paused – and delivered a not-so-subtle warning to city  leaders.

“If the thought police come to Armitage Baptist Church, we will meet them at  the door, respectfully, unflinchingly, willing to die on this hill holding a  copy of the sacred Scriptures in one hand and a copy of the U.S. Constitution in  the other,” he said.

Pay attention, people of faith.

Dark clouds are gathering. The winds of intolerance are blowing. There’s a  great storm approaching.

The days of persecution are upon us.

Todd Starnes is a Fox News Radio host and author of “Dispatches From  Bitter America.” Read more at

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