Gun Control, Again


Here is the latest article written by my friend, Wayne Bush. Enjoy!


Gun Control, Again


By Wayne A. Bush


With only six columns under my belt, here I am writing about gun control…again.  But given the politics of the current debate and its potential impact on society, how could I not write about it?


The first thing that we have to realize about the democrats call to arms over gun control is that it has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control –and yes, I said democrats; they are the anti-gun party and if you’re a freedom loving, 2nd Amendment advocate that has been voting for democrats because your union tells you to, or for whatever other reason, then you are part of the problem.  They have never made a secret of their desire to spit on the 2nd Amendment but, as Saul Alinsky taught them: "It is only when the other party is concerned or feels threatened that he will listen - in the arena of action, a threat or crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication."  -Rules For Radicals, 1971


The Newtown CT tragedy is just the crisis they’ve been waiting for (having been caught trying to create one with the Fast & Furious debacle) and they are shamelessly exploiting the dead children in their quest to move their anti-gun agenda forward.  It has nothing to do with the children.  In fact, these same people who are professing such remorse for the dead children would have referred to those same children, only 6-7 years ago, as a “woman’s choice”. 


Knowing that they have only a limited amount of time before Americans return to rational thought rather than emotion, democrats plan to rush through legislation loaded with every gun control measure they’ve ever dreamed of.  Then they’ll use Alinsky’s guidance on negotiation and compromise:   "If you start with nothing, demand 100 per cent then compromise for 30 per cent, you're 30 per cent ahead."  -Rules For Radicals, 1971 


Of course, when the democrats use the word compromise what they mean is republicans compromising.  They have no intention of compromising and they know their sock puppets in the partisan media will bully the republicans until they go weak in the knees, like they always do, and give in to some of the democrats demands and voila, they get their 30%.  Then they just wait until the next tragedy and do it all over again.  In a decade or so they will have incrementally deconstructed the 2nd Amendment in the same manner as they’ve deconstructed the traditional family, morals, decency, ethics and God himself.


Americans also have to educate themselves regarding the Second Amendment.  The radicals that want to disarm America say things like: “The 2nd Amendment is for the National Guard” or “the Founding Fathers never envisioned semi-automatic rifles” or “no one needs a semi-automatic rifle” or “no one is trying to take your hunting rifle” (yet) or “we’re not saying that you can’t have a gun to defend your home”.


Riddle me this?  If the 2nd Amendment is about the National Guard, as they want us to believe, and the Founders never envisioned semi-automatic weapons, why then does the National Guard have fully automatic weapons, artillery, tanks, etc.?  Shouldn’t the National Guard be armed with muskets?

The 2nd Amendment says absolutely nothing about hunting or your home!  “….being necessary to a free state, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  And in 1789, when the Bill Of Rights was proposed, the term “militia” was understood to mean every able-bodied male.  The National Guard was not codified until 1903, nearly 114 years after our founders used the term “militia” in the 2nd Amendment.


The current gun grab should be recognized for exactly what it is….part of the long term agenda to disarm the citizenry and make us all easier to control.  This is exactly the reason our Founders enshrined the right to keep and bear arms!  They had all carefully studied history and they were confident that in time the government would grow beyond its Constitutional limits and become oppressive, like the government they had just thrown off.  As they wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the PEOPLE have the  “…. .... right, [the] duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”  The 2nd Amendment is the guarantee that we the People have the means to “throw off” an oppressive government.  Logic and common sense would dictate that the militia, the common citizenry that would rise up and throw off an oppressive government, would stand a much better chance if they were armed with weapons similar to those of the government forces.  Weapons like an AR-15.


Perhaps this quote from an early Pennsylvanian best sums up the intended purpose of the 2nd Amendment:  "As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the next article [2nd Amendment] in their right to keep and bear their private arms." -Tench Coxe, PA delegate to the Continental Congress, Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789.


I continue to hold out hope that the democrats remember the thrashing they took in the 1994 midterm elections after they passed gun control similar to what they’re proposing now.  It’s very possible that they’re just making a lot of noise to pacify their base and then they’ll blame republicans (as usual) when nothing happens.


But if they do pass what they’re proposing now it is just a foot in the door.  Democrats know that no matter what laws they pass there will be more shootings.  California has some of the strictest gun control in the country.  They already ban so called “assault weapons” and magazines over 10 rounds and yet California, by far, leads the nation in the number of school shootings.


Democrats count on the fact that these laws won’t work.  And when the next shooting is committed with a bolt action rifle or a pump shotgun they’ll insist on banning all of them too and it won’t stop until they’ve banned Joe Citizen from possessing any gun.


And then we’ll all hold hands, sing "Kum ba yah" and frolic with unicorns.


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