Mark & Mark's Latest Video


If you listen to my program at all, you are familiar with Mark and Mark (Frederick and Chuff) who have been spearheading the effort locally to educate the public on the HHS mandate that steps on our First Amendment religious freedom.

I recently received a note from Mark #1 that unveiled a NEW video that you MUST see!

Here are Mark's comments regarding the effort:

Unfortunately, we can not rely on the Courts to uphold our Constitutional freedoms - and should NOT count on a victory on the HHS lawsuits.

Our only recourse now is to defeat the President and change the make-up of Congress. This is the only way to potentially repeal Obamacare and more importantly reverse the course in which the countr is heading.


I ask all of you to re-think your activism and get more involved. It is not hyperbole to say we are living in dangerous times - action is required in coming months.

If you have not seen our video, see below and spread it to others.